Outreach materials

A research project comprises several stages among which the most common ones are: designing the project, collecting the data (in the field or not), analyzing the data, and presenting the results. It is during all these stages of our research project that we tried to engage with the general public, especially those interested in Southern Transylvania and its future. This website contains, apart from scientific publications that target a more research-oriented audience, many dissemination materials (such as our posters and flyers) in which we aim to share the outcomes of our research in an accessible way to a wider audience.

When going through these outreach materials please keep in mind that many of the difficulties encountered between organizations and individuals that aim to improve the sustainable development of an area, arise from the lack of knowledge on the roles and responsibilities of each of them. Generally speaking, the job of research is to produce knowledge, establish facts and reach new conclusions in a systematic manner with the help of a scientific method.  Its purpose is not to take action, nor to advocate, but rather to present evidence for taking decisions. This means that the scientific community, the civil society, and the policy makers occupy different niches, use specific working methods, have different objectives, and complement each other when sharing a common goal.